14 March 2010

Should Bush, Blair and Olmert be labeled terrorists?

Should Bush, Blair and Olmert be labeled terrorists?

Publication time: 18 October 2006, 10:30
A "terrorist", according to the dictionary, is some one who uses violence to attain political goals. As per this definition, whoever uses violence for political gains will have to be bracketed as a terrorist. This holds good for both individuals and nation states. America's illegal invasion of Iraq, after nurturing Saddam Hussein for so many years, was a blatant act of terror. Israel's Occupation of Palestine is nothing else. UK too shares the blame by joining Bush in his war on mankind. This is true of all the nations that have allied America in the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.
When these nations indulge in such terrorist acts naturally one will be inclined to include the leaders of these states in the long list of men the world can do without. And thus Bush, Blair and Olmert have to be addressed as terrorists. Let's call a spade a spade. Raining down buster bunker bombs on innocent civilians, like what Israeli did in Lebanon, shooting down children, destroying cities beyond recognition, torturing inmates like what took place in Iraq's Abu Ghraib, assassinating prominent leaders as we see in Palestine, and plundering a nation's resources are nothing but terrorism. Look at the hell these Western forces have created in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine. Remember for a moment the plight of Palestinians for the last five decades. Should we call these states? In Iraq alone 650,000 people have been killed since the beginning of the American invasion. Five million Palestinians have become refugees since the inception of the Zionist state. Thousands others live under occupation in the worst imaginable conditions in Gaza and West Bank.
9/11 attacks, Madrid blasts and London bombings are terrorist acts as well. And there should be no let up in our efforts to prevent the recurrence of such events. True, there are extremist elements in the Muslim community and fanatic Imams preaching distorted ideologies and this has to be stopped- but how we go about it is important.
First and the foremost we need to accept the fact that Muslim extremism to a great extent is a reactionary phenomenon. The aforesaid acts of terror on the part of America and its allies; especially Israel, are what fuels extremism in the Muslim world. The double standards, utter disregard for Muslim life and nauseating holier than thou attitude of the west is swelling up the ranks of extremists by thousands every passing year. A just Palestinian solution based on the principle that man are created equal, withdrawal of occupation forces from Afghanistan and Iraq, a complete stoppage of the kind of intimidation as is being carried out against Iran and an equal say for the Muslim world in United Nations, are the only solution.
Second, the West needs to help strengthen the moderates in Islamic world. In doing so one should not define a moderate as someone who will relinquish everything Islamic for the sake of Western friendship. But should look at those believers who are proud of being Muslims and at the same time believe in building bridges with others. There are a sizeable number of people who believe that matters of religion have to be conducted with patience and in a peaceful manner. It is with these people that the west should engage in dialogue. And this dialogue has to be based on mutual respect and an urge to truly understand each other.
Third, there is a need to respect the democratic choices of Muslims even if the west doesn't agree with them. The treatment Hamas receives by the United States, Israel and European allies is a shame. Also stop supporting the despotic regimes of the Arab world. Let the true spirit of democracy spread in the Arab world.
Fourth, accept the fact that all men are created equal and all nations have equal rights. If you want someone's oil, pay for it. Do business in their terms and don't force your will on them.
Earlier the power obsessed leaders of the west realize that these are their only sensible choices the better for all of us.
Source: AlJazeera
By: Shakeel Mohammed
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