14 January 2011

Guyana Recognize Palestinian State

Friday, January 14, 2011 13:39 pm 

Georgetown - MICOm: Guyana became the last Latin American country that recognizes an independent Palestinian state.
Guyana's Foreign Ministry announced that on Thursday (13 / 1).
"Hope that Guyana is a growing recognition of a Palestinian state will contribute to solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the creation of a lasting peace and stability in the region," foreign ministry said in a statement.
Guyana after Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay and Ecuador to recognize Palestine as an independent state within the borders that existed before Israel captured the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip in the Six Day War in June 1967.
The last frontier of a Palestinian state become one of the most difficult issues in peace talks with Israel.
Last Friday, Chile has also formally recognize the existence of a Palestinian state, but no mention of border issues.
Guyana's decision, the statement said, "in accordance with the solidarity that has long existed and sturdy Guyana with, and commitment to, the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people and fair to use their right to decide their own destiny and to achieve an independent homeland, free, prosperous and their own peace. "
Some Israeli officials condemned the statement, said the recognition of Chile is "baseless and empty attitude" that will not promote peace.
Guyana, exporting sugar, gold and timber, gained independence from Britain in 1966. Guyana is a country of fewer than 800,000 people. (Ant/OL-9)

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