14 January 2011

Iranian Nuclear Scientist Claims killer Mossad is still payable 25 Thousand Dollars

Iranian Nuclear Scientist Claims killer Mossad is still payable 25 Thousand Dollars 

Friday, 14/01/2011 13:37 pm | e Iran's official news agency on Thursday (13 / 1) to broadcast the full interview of a young prisoner who confessed to killing an Iranian nuclear scientist last year.
Young man named Majid Jamali Fash describes at length his visit to Tel Aviv and Herzliya, to get the training he received at the headquarters of the Mossad and the day of the murder that he did.
The Iranian government declared this week that more than 10 people were arrested on suspicion that they had killed a senior Iranian physicist Professor Massoud ali-Mohammadi use mounted motorcycle bomb and placed near his home on January 12, 2010.
In his confession the main suspect in the murder, Fash Majid Jamali, 28, even put in front of the camera to talk about his recruitment by Mossad.
In the interview, which aired this week, Fash told how he visited Tel Aviv and has been trained by the Mossad in methods to conduct blasting operations. Full confession was aired in Iran on Thursday.
Fash Jamali did not use the word 'Mossad' in explaining his testimony, he only discusses a visit that allegedly occurred in Israel and met with Israeli officials called named "Johnny, Omer and Mickey," who trained him for the mission.
In an interview he explains why he agreed to join the Mossad, and the statement made him look like he did not know who the target of her murder. In addition, he complained that his action is only paid half the agreed amount. "I was promised $ 50,000 but they only paid me half the number that exist and I do not know what happened."
"My name is Majid Jamali Fash, and I first became acquainted with the Israeli intelligence services about three years ago when I traveled to Istanbul for the second time," said the young man and added that during his trip to Turkey, a man named Radfur approached.
He stated that the recommended Radfur accompany him to the Israeli consulate in Istanbul where he gained a lot of questions and provided various forms of applications to be filled.
"I came into the room, but we separated and I have many questions," added the Iranian suspects.
"Before that, I was given various forms of the details of my cooperation, I am content. Of course, I do not see anyone and we only talk through the microphone."
He stated that Israel pay his hotel room for one week during his stay in Istanbul and finally sent back to Iran to gather intelligence information about "a particular place."
Three months later Fash Jamali returned to Turkey where he met members of the Mossad who contacted him, Bahram.
"On my next visit they gave me a polygraph test. An Israeli doctor and an Iranian interpreter were there, including Bahram." Jamali Fash claiming that it was important points in which Mossad agents to train themselves on how to collect the Opera-intelligence in public places. (Fq / Ynet) 

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