11 January 2011

Israel bans Clothing and Shoes for Palestinian Women Prisoners

Israel bans Clothing and Shoes for Palestinian Women Prisoners
Monday, January 10, 2011, 18:38 GMT


REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JERUSALEM - Foundation Protection Prisoners "Joseph ash Shidiq" in a report issued today, Monday (10 / 1), stated that Palestinian female prisoners have to bear a fantastic price increases in the prison canteen and they forced Israel must buy it from there, especially clothes and shoes.

The report warns that allows for families to bring prisoners into the prison shoe. But it was banned and women prisoners were forced to buy it at the prison canteen that cost about 80 dollars. Also canteen detainees also do not have many items needed by women, but the prison still refuse shipment of the family.

Later, the prison also limit the amount of clothing coming into prison. They were banned entry into the women's prison pants. The report mentions that women detainees, especially in prison Damon, experiencing drinking water shortages, in addition to smell too bad and unnatural color.

This also forced the detainees to buy healthy water from the prison canteen and the price is very expensive and doubled. The female prisoners in jail Damon and Sharon called on the Red Cross to help them because of a delay from send and receive mail up to 3 months.

In the Sharon prison inmates women experience many problems that destroy insects and mice of their clothing. Party also refused to bring the Israeli prison doctors to treat sick prisoners and women who knowingly allow their condition deteriorated. This further increase the suffering of Palestinian women prisoners, especially those who suffer from chronic illnesses and permanent.

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