22 January 2011

Remember Osama American Israel Problem

Remember Osama American Israel Problem

Monday, September 14, 2009 13:24 pm
Jakarta (AFP)

The leader of al-Qaeda terrorist network, Osama bin Laden,issued a new voice messages in a page of Islam, on Monday(14 / 9). In that message, bin Laden warned the citizens of the United States (U.S.) about the U.S. government's friendship withIsrael.

Bin Laden said the president Barack Obama is not able to stop the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. "Bin Laden blamed the currentwar in the Middle East is a cover for the Israel lobby andcorporate interests," remarked a terrorist watchdog firm, SITEIntelligence Group, who translated the message.

Ten-minute message was titled 'Notice to U.S. Citizens'. Figurebin Laden dipampang on pages that are often used Al-Qaeda, that's all voice messages. This message is uploaded three daysafter the anniversary of eight years of the tragedy of 11September 2001.

In June, bin Laden said, Obama has been spreading the seedsof revenge and hatred against the U.S. in the Muslim world. That message was delivered before Obama delivered a speech inEgypt. In the speech, Obama exhorts Muslims to renew ties withthe United States. (AP)



Through the short message Osama Threatens America The message also said that bin Laden would strike back. 

SUNDAY, 24 JANUARY, 2010, 17:57 GMT Amarullah Emery, Fadila Fikriani Armadita
Osama bin Laden (AP Photo) RELATED NEWS Figure Osama Use Photos Latest Member of Parliament Iran Hold Wife & Six Children Osama Bin Laden Osama Allegedly Breaking into Afghanistan Often U.S. Military Ever 'Disconnect' Osama It's Him The Other Side of Osama Bin Laden VIVAnews - The leader of Al Qaeda, issued a recent message.In the message she said that she was responsible for the bombings of Christmas, the airline detroit some time ago. The message also said that bin Laden would strike back.
Short messages are reported by the Arabic news agency, Al Jazeera. The short message addressed to the President of the United States, Barack Obama. Similar messages are also delivered Osama when the attacks of 11 September 2001.When that Osama said there will be attacks on the United States again.
In a brief message that Osama writes, "America will not get peace unless before we get peace in Palestine." Leader of Al Qaeeda it also wrote he would carry out attacks continuously for support against Israel continues.
On Christmas day yesterday, Northwest Airlines, nearly exploded as it approached Detroit Metro Airport. But the bomb carried by Abdulmuttalab it failed to explode. Muttalab bomb hidden in his pants.
Muttalab admitted he is a cadre of Al Qaeda and had trained in an operation in Yemen. However, it is not certain that the voice is the voice of Osama. It's just that there are similarities with previous recordings.
Osama's latest message appeared on 26 September last.When he asks European nations withdraw their troops from Afghanistan. • VIVAnews 

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