11 January 2011

Year 2011, Year of Confession Against Palestinian State

Year 2011, Year of Confession Against Palestinian State 

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The Palestinian Authority is optimistic most of the countries in the world will announce its recognition of Palestinian state in September 2011.
Confidence was expressed by Foreign Minister Riyad Al-Maliki on reporters in Ramallah last weekend. He said the European Union has expressed its readiness to give recognition to the existence of the Palestinian state next September.
"Spanish Foreign Minister (Trimidad Jimenez) stated to me that the EU will recognize Palestine as a country in early September and if the European Union did not do so, Spain will become the first European country to announce its recognition of Palestinian state," said Maliki.
Towards the end of 2010, several Latin American countries, like Brazil, Argentina and Chile had already announced its recognition of an independent Palestinian State based on the 1967 border line. Other countries are also indicated it would give recognition to the State of Palestine is the Paraguay and Uruguay.
Maliki said that Palestinian leaders are trying to convince Mexico and several Latin American countries and the countries of Central America to help provide a confession. "By September, we will work to gain recognition as much as we can do," said Maliki.
More and more countries recognize the existence of the State of Palestine, the Palestinian position will become stronger if it wants to negotiate new or if you want to press the UN to immediately acknowledge the establishment of Palestinian state.
Maliki also spoke of the Palestinian Authority's efforts to ask the UN Security Council passed a resolution on the construction of Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories. According to Maliki, Palestinian diplomats are lobbying the U.S. to approve a final draft resolution.
"We want this decision was decided unanimously and no opposition from the U.S.," said Maliki. (Ln / mol) 

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