13 February 2010

Europe soon fell into the hands of Islam

Europe soon fell into the hands of Islam 

Posted on March 25, 2009 by dalamdakwah
End of Century 21, the European Center for Islamic Civilization?
"Ensure that universities provide a quality learning about faith and Islam, and we also want to make the United Kingdom as a center of Islamic studies is the best, outside the Islamic world," Jacqui Smith, UK Minister of Home Affairs.
Read anything, including a torn piece of paper in the wind on the dirt road is my habit since childhood. When I was a former school where MTs are now building towering minaret in a small kampung in Lhokseumawe, I read a piece of scrap paper that has yellowed. Either print what, whoever the author. To be sure, I've read the short, approximately news or Rawon Rawon Kuta village in Aceh Daily.
The yellow strips titled "Twenty Years After, France became Repulbik Islam. 'At that time, I do not understand the meaning of the text, perhaps, even now I do not understand, just trying to understand.
Recently, my friend used to publish news about the increasingly growing population of developed countries in Europe who converted to Islam in a gang. Once I read the news, directly recalled the writing on a yellow scrap of paper first. "Twenty Years After, France Being Islamic Republic."
The direction history of the world is always changing. Change is slow but unstoppable. Change is the first law of nature. That earth ditaqdir by the mentaqdirkannya.
The development of Islam in Germany Islamic-Archieve Central Institute, based in the western city of Soest, Germany, reported, since 1945, about 18,000 Germans have become Muslims. In the last year, about 4,000 people of German descent converted to Islam. 80 percent were Christian religious origin. Most of those who switched religions, 60 percent are women. According to the Head of Islam-Archive Central Institute, Salim Abdullah, who converted to Islam was younger and have a good education.
Muslim leader based in Berlin, Mohammed Herzog, said the motivation that makes increase of the population converted to Islam in Germany is the alternative peace of mind. Most of it is converted people known devout Christian who later kepercayaanya doubt they will.
Related to that, a sociologist, Monika Wohlrab-Sahr, concluded many are turning to Islam as "a very real alternative".
An other facts that changed the understanding, when the German media gradually attack Islam, in fact many people who converted to Islam over the years usually.
An open virtual world also affect the increase in free Muslims. Now many websites in German-speaking Muslims, the more help the German people understand Islam. There's even a site that not only provides an explanation of Islam but also provide insights on the problems that occurred in the world. Islam has a solution for life, such as quoted from one of the German-language Islamic websites, on-projekte.com www.islam.
UK Muslim Role Jacqui Smith, UK Minister of Home Affairs, asserted, in less than seven years, the number of Muslims in the UK increased by about 400 thousand people, so the total number of Muslims in the UK currently reaches two million people.
Smith expressed it in his official visit to the country of Pakistan. According to him, the increasing number of Muslims that shows that the Muslim community is a community that experienced the most rapid growth in the UK.
According to the 2001 census, the number of Muslims is estimated at 1, 6 million people, a third were teenagers under the age of 16 years. The composition of Muslims outside the city of London, more than 43 percent are Muslim Pakistan, 17 percent Muslim Bangladesh and India 9 percent Muslim. While in the city of London, the Muslim community is dominated by Muslim Pakistan and Muslim Bangladesh.
Smith said the contribution of Muslims in British society quite large, there are 10 thousand Muslims who entered in the richest category. Overall, the Muslim community to contribute about 31 billion pounds each year for the UK economy.
In addition, in a speech in Islamabad, Smith said that there were four members of the British Parliament Pakistan Muslim descent, two Muslim ministers and more than 200 Muslims who were members of local advisory board. He also encouraged the Muslim community in England and Pakistan to jointly face the challenges of the threat of violence from extremist groups.
"Ensure that universities provide a quality learning about faith and Islam, and we also want to make the United Kingdom as a center of Islamic studies is the best, outside the Islamic world," said Smith.
The contribution of the Muslim community in the UK now numbering 2 million people had played a role in all areas of life. In politics, they play from parliament to local governments. There are two Muslim ministers in the government of Prime Minister Gordon Brown.Menteri who heads the Department for International Development Shahid Malik appointed. There are other Muslim Brothers Malik, Sadiq Khan. He became a government servant in charge of the government's relations with the parliament in the UK. There were five Muslim became a member of parliament. There are 220 Councilor, a kind of municipal council members. At the armed forces and police there were Muslims who join. In professional fields, arts, and sports.
In the business sector too stout. The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) welcomed Brown's move to place two Muslims in his administration. ''We see this as a step forward for the representation of Muslims in the UK,''said Deputy Secretary General of the MCB, David Abdullah.Keberadaan Muslims in the British government to help remove the low representation of Muslims. He hopes Shahid and Khan can solve the problems faced by the two million Muslims now live in England. Government Spokesperson for the Arab Region, Jon Wilks said the younger generation of Muslims in the UK has a promising career in both the government and the private sector.
''Young Muslims in the UK is very promising,''this ungkapnya.Sekarang, young British Muslims had succeeded in occupying a number of prestigious posts in the foreign ministry, parliament, armed forces and in a number of large companies. Wilks estimates they will reach the highest ladder in a decade. Wilks could not speak without reason.
He said young British Muslims have sufficient qualifications and mature to carry out heavy tasks in the future. ''Young British Muslims have played a constructive role in society,''said katanya.Wilks, Muslims also manifests itself into a foundation for the establishment of a dialogue between minority groups to solve some problems that arise.
So he urged the young generation of Muslims is more positive role in the political sphere. England, said Wilks, did not enforce the allocation or allocation systems for minority groups. Because the government considers such measures against democracy and freedom. He admitted also Islamophobia was also present in the UK.
Islamic phobia comes to the surface two years ago. Following the bomb attacks in London on July 7. Wilks said that racism is illegal and immoral. But two things come to be recognized in the middle of English society. Related to the number of Muslims in England, UK Minister of the Interior Jaqcui Smith agreed with the data that are widely used by Muslim organizations. There are two million Muslims in the UK.
In the 2001 census of 1.6 million British citizens claiming Muslim.Kini amount estimated at 2 million. Since the 2001 census there is an increase in the number of Muslims for 400 thousand inhabitants. In other words, Smith is clear, there are Muslims kenaikain amount of 50 thousand per tahun.Menurut Smith, with this number indicates that the number of Muslims in the UK for 3.3 percent of the total population in the UK.
Most of the Muslims in the UK, comes from Pakistan, Bengal, and India. Islam is one of a number of beliefs practiced in British society. Smith said that Islam is the second largest religion after Christianity in England. ''We are proud to live in a diverse society,''katanya.Berdasarkan poll conducted ICM / Guardian recently, show that as many as 91 percent of British Muslim respondents have a loyalty to the country where they now live, England. They comply with the applicable regulations in the UK. While 80 percent of Muslim respondents in England said they wanted to live in and accept Western society. Thus, in addition to their stay in the Islamic faith, they also want to establish good relations with surrounding communities.
Sunday Times of London on 27 November 2005 wrote an article about Jemaah sermons that would make the mosque complex of gigantic size, which will be called the London Markaz, over an area covering 10 hectares of land disebuah city Newham, a distance of approximately 500 yards from the Olympic stadium in 2012.
Futuristic design with the mosque is expected to counteract the big wind storm also earthquakes. The mosque is also generating electricity using wind turbine technology minarets and tidal power (wind and mill wheel in the water), it looks like it was prepared to face the future era of chaos is a constant invisible fuel.
Planned mosque can accommodate 40,000. even up to 70,000 worshipers if managed to get the legality of local government. This amount is only 10,000 different with less capacity in the Olympic stadium next door. Will inevitably become the largest place of worship in Europe, which God willing will be resolved in the year 2012.
There is no intention to glorify them in this megahan. "We will memuslimkan throughout Europe" is the mission and ideals of their major. This also is not any crap from them. In each Ijtimai (International Annual Conference) in various countries and continents by the time procurement is only 3 days. Congregation was able to bring 6 to 10 million Muslims from all over the world, and removing at least another 100,000 have jama'ah thousands every day playing from every country that has Markaz of this congregation to preach by bringing morals & Adab-adab Rasulullah SAW . To all corners of the earth.
And in fact the growth of Muslims in Europe was so rapid, that was recorded in the year 2007 reached the figure of 57,000,000 Moslems. And as many as 2.8 million who live in the UK.
French Study Interior Ministry concluded that the French State, the development of Islam in France is very rapid. Religion Islam became the order of the two religions after Christianity. More than 3600 French citizens convert to Islam every year. Religion is most obedient to the laws there. Crime committed Muslims is very minimal. Muslims as well as very disciplined on the implementation of Islamic teachings, such as prayer, shaum, and do not consume khamer.
60% more Muslims in France do not consume khamer forever, even if only once in his life. 55% of their pilgrimage.
The majority of Muslim youth in the country with its famous tower Eifelnya very committed to his religion. These factors make Islam the fastest growing in France.
Survey results released by the State High School Survey Program and Economic Studies in France in 2005, according to the ministry statement. The number of children born and named as a Messenger of God. -Muhammad-as many as fifty-three thousand three hundred and seventy-seven (53 377) people.
Recorded history, naming Muhammad jumped sharply over the next fifty years, but never officially recorded birth of the French before the year 1925 with the name of Muhammad. In the year 1926 stood the Great Mosque of France, since it was written in a formal administration of the first child's name who was born and given the name Muhammad.
Survey noted that the spread of naming Muhammad, as well as religious names or names that are related to the momentum of the history of their children, is closely associated with the spread of religious activities are seen and followed by the Muslim minority in the West since the late sixties .
Islam in Italy Italian Interior Ministry announced that the number of people who embrace Islam until now amounted to two million people. Whereas in 2001 only amounted to one point six million people. In the span of seven years was the growth of the Muslim community here reaches four hundred thousand people.
Tabloit "The Guardian" that the latest figures from the number of Muslims actually prove that Islam is very influential in Italy. Islam became the religion adhered to Italy after the religious people of Christianity. The number of Muslims in Italy reached three point three percent (3.3%) of the total population of Italy. Islam became the religion of the fastest growing in the country of Italy.
That is our current world, Islam as a teenager in our kampung this big, crazy about western culture, while Islam is considered by our youth as old, when everything that comes from the west is considered the truth, it turns out the teenager developed countries at the heart western culture itself in droves to Islam.
It seems the world is rotating with the ball of life assurance. Before Islam came to this kampong, we worship stones and trees. Now we worship what we call 'God' without knowing anything about it. Some of us just follow the Islamic tradition it inherited. Lectures at the pulpit was just meaningless rhetoric for some people.
Related to the history of religion that is changing, we can sort out your chest, if a few more years, Islam will leave us and turn kampong until centered in Europe. While we instead adopt a culture that has been their waste. I call the 'we', because approximately twenty years, teens today are adults in Aceh. Are teenagers Aceh is now a defender of Islam?
Change Process Thought and Religious History Since Islam came up before the 11th century AD, Islam triumphant, the west did not move. At that time, the west was defeated by the Middle East in the field of thought. West learn from the Middle East. After the 11th century, history changed. Islam gradually collapsing, until the 20th century, western Berjaya. Islam collapsed. Islamic glory was over. And early 20th century to the early 21st century, the worst in the history of Islam. He seemed lost in a world map.
In the late 20th century, the triumph of Western thought reached its peak. The thinking spread throughout the world, to go under the blankets and caps a Muslim. As a result, young Muslims to leave the Islamic style of thinking and adopt western ideas. Identity gradually faded Islamic thought, even from his own generation. Simultaneously, the Islamic thinkers who cleverly did the same with Western thinkers, they mendakwahkan Islam to the west. Gradually, the younger generation loves the west and Islam. That was the moment.
This is a transitional moment where peyakin a religion in the world. While rooted in western thought the head of Islamic youth, at the same young people to follow Islamic west, very likely, as I read the scraps of yellow paper not named, tens of years, Europe became adherent and growth centers of Islam, and we are a big kampung This hate and left. Historical change is slow, but the direction can not be dammed. [By: Thayeb Loh Angen]
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