04 March 2010

LG GW525

LG GW525 LiveSquare, Touchscreen plus Qwerty keypad
LG GW525 was a cellphone that combines a QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen technology with side slider design. We will be more easily and interactively to new features to access social networking portals and messaging. LG GW525 design is the combination between LG KP500 Cookie and LG KS360, touchscreen and QWERTY keypad. Its touch screen capability was less responsive than the LG KP500 Cookie. Interestingly, the interface of LG GW525 implement Livesquare technology such as LG GW300. With this technology, GW525 interface looks interactive. Because the main view of LG GW525 to bring animated avatar icons with the choice of background animation (Zoo and Park) and the image that can be personalized, plus icons of live human and the Animal. The price of LG GW525 in the market is about $ 260. QWERTY keypad area was quite wide, with the distance between the button tenuous enough.
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