27 February 2011

Expert: Islamic Religious Community Will So U.S.

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Expert: Islamic Religious Community Will So U.S.

Friday, February 25, 2011, 16:56 GMT

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, NEW JERSEY-Specialists Islamic history and Islamic-Christian relations from Georgetown University, Yvonne Haddad, said the chances of the public religion of Islam into the United States (U.S.) is very open. "Soon Islam will be the religion of American society," said Haddad, during a discussion with students of Princeton University, as quoted by the New Jersey.com, Friday (25 / 2).

Hadad optimistic that Muslims will become part of U.S. society. According to him, the signs were already apparent when the U.S. public began to accept the existence of Muslims. He also saw a turning point in acceptance of Islam in the U.S. can not be separated from the tragedy of 11 September 2001. According to him, was the turning point that unites Muslims in the U.S..

Haded explained, after the September 11 tragedy, the mosque of the various states in the U.S. began to prioritize the provision of knowledge about Muslims to U.S. teens. The move was done to clarify their identity as Muslims and U.S. citizens. Haded further said by the policy was also established communication across the trust. "We view the dialogue has a very important position," he said.

According to him, in the past, Muslims view the U.S. society is still affected by severe trauma to the fabric of dialogue is not running. After that, with the establishment of the Islamic Center or mosque, a Muslim United States has a special way to embrace the American society by providing opportunities to the public to come and see firsthand Islam more closely.

Looking ahead, Hadad predict its integration with the U.S. Muslim community will take place smoothly when the birth of new generations generas. Through the new generation, the U.S. Muslim community will demonstrate its existence as part of the U.S. nation through a series of participation and views in the U.S. dialogue widely.

"If it is described at the time, the U.S. has become an example of pluralism in which Islam will be part of those who fight for pluralism. In the Koran says God made a difference in society. The difference is ensensi of Islamic teachings," he concluded.


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