04 March 2011

Ruben Got booed 'What Islamic Learning? That's Crazy! "

Ruben Got booed 'What Islamic Learning? That's Crazy! "

Abu Bakr Ruben

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, The story of Abu Bakr Ruben search starts since he was in college. At that time he suffered much trouble. Close friend died of a drug addict. Her parents divorced and he was experiencing financial difficulties.

"I began to ask what is the purpose of life?" he said. Difficult events that occurred almost insistent it becomes cathartic for Ruben to glance at religion.

Ruben was raised in Melbourne by parents who do not believe in God. "As a child I was brought up to embrace Christianity, but my parents were atheists, so I tend to have a view of atheists," said Ruben.

The first religion which he tries to learn is Christian. Incidentally a friend invited him to come to camp keagamanan. "They sing, they sound good, but I am confused what it means," said Ruben.

"They then say that God loves me." Ruben surprise. "How could God love me while I had a dog he does not love me," he said. Apparently at that time Ruben life aimlessly. He is not the type of person who can be relied upon, even though the request for help is their parents and he has a dog which he never mismanagement.

Not finding what he was looking he stepped back, now turn to the Catholic and Anglican Baptist. But there are things that make it annoyed every time he asked his followers. "They would open the gospel and then say 'Oh, the answer is my brother' as he perceived," said Ruben.

"Every time they answer their opinions, so I concluded of course many interpretations of Christianity," he said. In fact, he added, that does not include differences in the church.

Between a pastor and other pastors could have different interpretations and each claimed one another. "The Gospel of taste but interpretations vary and each person can do, it's very confusing," he said.

Next he did encounter with Hinduism. He made friends with a devout belief that while working part time. "I was then introduced to the elephant-headed god." Again Reuben asked, why should the elephant-headed god, what is the relationship with the elephant god. "Why not a lion? More powerful. For me highly illogical and difficult to understand."

Investigate further he investigated the Jewish religion. "Yes my name is Abu Bakr Ruben, came from Rubenstein, a very Jewish name so I also tried to find out what it was Jews, 'he said. But none of the belief that wearing it on his heart.

Until one day he met a Christian theme. "I asked how your search, what was kampu learn?" Ruben said the friend imitate speech. He answered all, started the Christian, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Anglican but no one could pull his heart.

The friend asked, "What about Islam?". Questions immediately struck by Reuben with scorn, "What is Islam? Why would I mengivestigasi religion of terrorism? That's crazy."

But Reuben said the body's response to another. "I do not know why and what moves me, which obviously I wear shoes, neatly dressed and go to the mosque. I do not have a clue, how I do it," said Ruben.

Once inside the mosque, Ruben feel anxious. "I thought 'Oh I'll die here, I was the only white person in sight," he said. When it is a Middle Eastern man with a big thick sideburns wearing an abaya approached. He named Abu Hamza.

Sudden unexpected Reuben, Abu Hamza greeted with friendly and even asked someone else to make tea for Ruben. "I never imagined I would receive such treatment," said Ruben.

He began to ask many questions, about his friends who had died, of what is past and the future. Abu Hamza, as manifested Ruben, stood to take the Qur'an and opened the book and shows a paragraph and ask for Ruben to read this and say the answer.

"It really strikes me," he recalls. He also asked other difficult things, like why grow a beard, mengapat use the hijab, why have four wives. "I thought it was tough questions, but really amazing, they always open the Qur'an and then give it to me to read. It is always they did prior to further review by the hadith books that also exist in the mosque," said Ruben.

"They always open the Koran to answer and no opinion at all," he said. Ruben then asked, "I'm curious about your opinion about this, about the rules." Beyond hope Ruben, they replied, "I can not and should not be perceived on the Word of God."
"Subhanallah, that's what really touched me and always makes me think," said Reuben, who had converted to Islam while telling his story. At night he brought home the Koran. "And when I read, I not only found the story, but as if there are guiding me."

He looked at the Qur'an not only correct but also logical and scientific. He was amazed at how the Qur'an also describes the process of creation and birth of man, the narrative process of the fertilized egg cell to create blood clots, bone growth, blowing spirit to eventually form the fetus is ready to be born into the earth.

"This is what I was looking for, this is what I need," he said. It took six months before he came to the conclusion that. But when they wanted to make major changes, Reuben wants another justification for strengthening decision. "I was ready to make a big leap, but only want one drive, not necessarily large, even small enough," he said.

For that he even had a dialogue of God. "Come on God one thing," she mimicked his own words then. He sits in the middle of the dam with one candle lit room. Long she waited. None of this happened. "Quite frankly very disappointed." Ouch you miss a chance '"said Ruben time to God.

He returned to wait for a second sign. Again, no change, no clue. "Oh please do not kecewakan me again. I am once again very disappointed." Ruben said that finally decided to open the Koran. He stopped by a few verses, one of which reads "And He has subjected the night and day, sun and moon for you. And the stars were subdued (for you) by His command. Verily in this is really any signs (of power God) for people who understand (it) (Sura 52:12)

Reading the paragraph that Reuben realized. "How I arogannya demanding specific signs as I want. The sun and all creation on earth is a sign to us all," said Ruben.

Once confident with the decision he returned to visit the mosque. "I do not know what to do and have to say anything, so I decided to mosque." Arriving at the mosque was surprised to see Reuben room so full of people. It appears that as the first day of Ramadan.

Expresses its intention, he was asked to say two sentences creed. "It's very messy, my guide said 'ASYHADU' I replied" As what? "To many times. Ludicrous." Ruben recalls.

The guide insisted on Reuben that he had to say it in its original language, Arabic. The sentence can not be spoken in English. Practicing a few moments, tongue Reuben is finally smooth oath. On the first day of Ramadan that he had officially become Muslim.

Once completed Ruben admitted there are loads who are interested in and escape out of her body. "I feel lighter," he said. He thinks that time will get a welcome shout and Takbir 'Allahu Akbar'. "But it was not, one by one they approached me, shook my hand and kissed me. In fact I have never had a kiss that much of women," said Ruben joked.

"But it's extraordinary events is very valuable and I can not forget. I feel happy because at that time I also got a lot of brothers."

Knowing he converted to Islam, his parents got worried. "They're afraid I'll suddenly have shouldered an AK 47 and holding a grenade," selorohnya. "I explained it was not possible. To be honest I feel calm. Mentally I am more stable, I am also more focused and they (parents-ed) to see that change." said Reuben.

Curious, his father, too, reading the Qur'an. They said to Ruben since becoming a Muslim he becomes a better person. "You become a more reliable, trustworthy and can be asked for help, 'said Reuben imitate speech father." That's what I feel and I will continue to believe in and explore this religion.


Ruben Sempat Mencemooh 'Apa Belajar Islam? Itu Gila!'

Abu Bakar Ruben

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Kisah pencarian Abu Bakar Ruben dimulai sejak ia berada di bangku kuliah. Saat itu ia ditimpa banyak masalah. Teman dekatnya meninggal karena kecanduan narkoba. Orangtuanya bercerai dan ia mengalami kesulitan keuangan.

"Saya pun mulai bertanya apa sebenarnya tujuan hidup itu?" tuturnya. Peristiwa sulit yang terjadi hampir bertubi-tubi itu menjadi katarsis bagi Ruben untuk melirik agama.

Ruben dibesarkan di Melbourne oleh orangtua yang tak percaya Tuhan. "Saat kecil saya memang dibesarkan untuk menganut Kristen, tapi orang tua saya atheis, sehingga saya cenderung memiliki pandangan atheis," ungkap Ruben.

Agama pertama yang ia coba pelajari adalah Kristen. Kebetulan seorang teman mengundangnya untuk datang ke kemah keagamanan. "Mereka bernyanyi, suara mereka bagus, tapi saya bingung apa artinya," tutur Ruben.

"Mereka kemudian bilang bahwa Tuhan mencintai saya." Ruben keheranan. "Bagaimana mungkin tuhan mencintai saya sedangkan saya punya anjing dia tidak tidak mencintai saya," tuturnya. Rupanya saat itu kehidupan Ruben tak tentu arah. Ia bukan tipe orang yang bisa diandalkan, meskipun yang meminta bantuan adalah orang tuanya dan ia memiliki seekor anjing yang kemudian tak pernah ia urus.

Tak menemukan apa yang ia cari ia pun melangkah lagi, kini giliran Katholik dan Anglican Baptis. Namun ada hal yang membuat ia terganggu setiap saat ia bertanya kepada pemeluknya. "Mereka akan membuka injil dan kemudian berkata 'Oh jawabannya ini saudaraku' sambil beropini," tutur Ruben.

"Setiap kali mereka menjawab mereka beropini, sehingga saya menyimpulkan tentu banyak sekali intepretasi dalam Kristen," katanya. Padahal, lanjutnya, itu belum termasuk perbedaan dalam gereja.

Antara satu pendeta dengan pendeta lain bisa memiliki intepretasi berbeda dan saling mengklaim satu sama lain. "Injil satu rasa tapi intepretasi bermacam dan setiap orang bisa melakukan, itu sangat membingungkan," ujarnya.

Berikutnya ia melakukan persentuhan dengan Hindu. Ia berteman dengan seorang penganut keyakinan tersebut saat bekerja paruh waktu. "Saya kemudian dikenalkan dengan tuhan berkepala gajah." Lagi-lagi Ruben bertanya, mengapa tuhan harus berkepala gajah, apa hubungan gajah dengan tuhan. "Mengapa tidak singa? lebih perkasa. Bagi saya sangat tidak logis dan sulit untuk dipahami."

Menginvestigasi lebih jauh ia menyelidiki agama Yahudi. "Ya nama saya Abu Bakar Ruben, berasal dari Rubenstein, nama yang sangat Yahudi karena itu saya juga mencoba mencari tahu apa itu Yahudi,' tuturnya. Namun tak ada satupun dari keyakinan itu yang mengena di hatinya.

Hingga suatu saat ia bertemu temanya yang beragama Kristen. "Saya ditanya bagaimana pencarianmu, apa saja yang sudah kampu pelajari?" kata Ruben menirukan ucapan si teman. Ia menjawab semua, mulai Kristen, Katholik, Hindu, Budha, Yahudi, Anglikan tapi tak ada yang bisa menarik hatinya.

Si teman bertanya lagi, "Bagaimana dengan Islam?". Pertanyaan langsung disambar Ruben dengan cemooh, "Apa, Islam? Buat apa saya mengivestigasi agama terorisme? Itu gila."

Tapi respon tubuh Ruben berkata lain. "Saya tidak tahu mengapa dan apa yang menggerakan saya, yang jelas saya mengenakan sepatu, berpakaian rapi dan pergi ke masjid. Saya tak punya petunjuk, bagaimana saya melakukan itu," tutur Ruben.

Begitu masuk masjid, Ruben merasa cemas. "Saya berpikir 'Aduh saya bakal mati di sini, saya satu-satunya kulit putih yang terlihat," tuturnya. Ketika itu seorang pria Timur Tengah berperawakan besar dengan cambang tebal mengenakan abaya mendekatinya. Ia bernama Abu Hamzah.

Tiba-tiba diluar dugaan Ruben, Abu Hamzah menyapanya dengan ramah dan bahkan meminta seorang yang lain untuk membuatkan teh bagi Ruben. "Tak pernah saya bayangkan bakal mendapat perlakuan seperti itu," kata Ruben.

Ia pun mulai banyak bertanya, tentang teman-temannya yang telah meninggal, tentang apa itu masa lalu dan masa yang akan datang. Abu Hamzah, seperti yang dituturkan Ruben, berdiri mengambil Al Qur'an dan membuka kitab itu lalu menunjukkan sebuah ayat dan meminta Ruben membaca seraya berkata ini jawabannya.

"Itu benar-benar menghentak saya," kenangnya. Ia pun menanyakan hal-hal sulit lain, seperti mengapa menumbuhkan janggut, mengapat menggunakan hijab, mengapa memiliki istri empat. "Saya pikir itu adalah pertanyaan-pertanyaan sulit, tapi sungguh luar biasa, mereka selalu membuka Al Qur'an dan lalu memberikan kepada saya untuk dibaca. Itu selalu mereka lakukan sebelum mengulas lebih jauh dengan buku hadis yang juga ada di dalam masjid," tutur Ruben.

"Mereka selalu membuka Al Quran untuk menjawab dan sama sekali tidak beropini," ujarnya. Kemudian Ruben pun bertanya, "Saya ingin tahu tentang opini anda tentang ini, tentang aturan itu." Diluar harapan Ruben, mereka menjawab, "Saya tidak mungkin dan tidak boleh beropini tentang Firman Tuhan".

"Subhanallah, itulah yang benar-benar menyentuh saya dan selalu membuat saya teringat," ujar Ruben yang telah memeluk Islam saat menuturkan kisahnya. Malamnya ia pun membawa pulang Al Quran. "Dan ketika saya membaca, saya bukan hanya menemukan kisah, tapi seolah-olah ada yang memandu saya."

Ia memandang Al Qur'an tak hanya benar tetapi juga logis dan ilmiah. Ia takjub bagaimana Al Qur'an juga menguraikan proses penciptaan dan kelahiran manusia, penuturan proses sel telur yang dibuahi hingga tercipta gumpalan darah, tumbuh tulang, peniupan ruh hingga akhirnya membentuk janin yang siap dilahirkan ke bumi.

"Inilah yang saya cari, ini yang saya perlukan," ujarnya. Butuh enam bulan sebelum ia sampai pada kesimpulan itu. Tapi ketika hendak membuat perubahan besar, Ruben menginginkan pembenaran lain untuk menguatkan keputusannya. "Saya sudah siap melakukan lompatan besar, tapi ingin satu dorongan saja, tak perlu besar, kecil pun cukup," tuturnya.

Untuk itu ia bahkan melakukan dialog Tuhan. "Ayolah Allah satu saja," ujarnya menirukan ucapannya sendiri saat itu. Ia duduk dam di tengah ruangan dengan satu lilin menyala. Lama ia menunggu. Tak satupun hal terjadi. "Terus terang sangat kecewa. 'Aduh Engkau melewatkan satu kesempatan'" ujar Ruben saat itu kepada Tuhan.

Ia kembali menunggu pertanda kedua. Lagi-lagi tak ada perubahan, tak ada petunjuk. "Aduh tolong jangan kecewakan aku lagi. Saya lagi-lagi sungguh kecewa." tutur Ruben yang akhirnya memutuskan membuka Al Quran. Ia terhenti oleh beberapa ayat, salah satunya berbunyi "Dan Dia menundukkan malam dan siang, matahari dan bulan untukmu. Dan bintang-bintang itu ditundukkan (untukmu) dengan perintah-Nya. Sesungguhnya pada yang demikian itu benar-benar ada tanda-tanda (kekuasaan Allah) bagi kaum yang memahami(nya) (QS 52:12)

Membaca ayat itu Ruben tersadar. "Betapa arogannya saya menuntut tanda spesifik seperti yang saya mau. Matahari dan semua ciptaannya di muka bumi adalah tanda bagi kita semua," tutur Ruben.

Begitu yakin dengan keputusannya ia kembali berkunjung ke masjid. "Saya tidak tahu harus berbuat apa dan harus mengucapkan apa, jadi saya putuskan ke masjid." Tiba di masjid Ruben terkejut menjumpai ruangan begitu penuh orang. Rupanya saat itu hari pertama Ramadhan.

Mengutarakan niatnya, ia pun diminta untuk mengucapkan dua kalimat syahadat. "Sangat belepotan, pemandu saya bilang 'Asyhadu' saya jawab "As apa?" sampai berulang kali. Menggelikan." kenang Ruben.

Si pemandu menegaskan pada Ruben bahwa ia harus mengucapkan itu dalam bahasa aslinya, Arab. Kalimat itu tak bisa diucapkan dalam bahasa Inggris. Berlatih beberapa saat, lidah Ruben akhirnya lancar mengucapkan ikrar tersebut. Pada hari pertama Ramadhan itu ia pun resmi menjadi Muslim.

Begitu selesai Ruben mengaku ada beban yang tertarik dan lepas keluar dari tubuhnya. "Saya merasa ringan," ujarnya. Ia mengira saat itu akan mendapat sambutan teriakan dan takbir 'Allahu Akbar'. "Tapi ternyata tidak, satu persatu mereka mendatangi saya, menjabat tangan saya dan mencium saya. Bahkan saya belum pernah mendapat ciuman sebanyak itu dari wanita," tutur Ruben berkelakar.

"Tapi itu peristiwa luar biasa sangat berharga dan tidak bisa saya lupakan. Saya merasa bahagia karena saat itu juga saya mendapat banyak saudara."

Mengetahui ia masuk Islam, orangtuanya sempat cemas. "Mereka takut tiba-tiba nanti saya sudah memanggul AK 47 dan memegang granat," selorohnya. "Saya jelaskan itu tidak mungkin. Terus terang saya merasa tenang. Mental saya lebih stabil, saya juga lebih fokus dan mereka (orangtua-red) melihat perubahan itu." tutur Ruben.

Penasaran, ayahnya pun ikut membaca Al Qur'an. Mereka berkata kepada Ruben sejak menjadi Muslim ia menjadi pribadi lebih baik. "Kamu menjadi orang yang lebih bisa diandalkan, dipercaya dan bisa diminta tolong,'kata Ruben menirukan ucapan ayahnya. "Itulah yang saya rasakan dan saya akan terus meyakini dan mendalami agama ini."

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