18 January 2011

Matthew Keller: Subhanallah .... God Gives "Bonus" Next After Bersyahadat

Matthew Keller: Subhanallah .... God Gives "Bonus" Next After Bersyahadat

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Matthew Keller: Subhanallah....Allah Memberi

Matthew Keller: Subhanallah .... God Gives "Bonus" Next After Bersyahadat
Monday, January 10, 2011, 05:00 GMT
REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, LONDON - The talk has done Matthew Keller while ago, but really made an impression on his heart. That afternoon, students of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Manchester are invited to talk small talk with a Muslim student in college. He is interested in discussing him because his appearance is different from other colleagues, veiled.
Surprise, when she discovered the student turns out to be a convert to Islam. What are told, almost equal to what she feels. "I have faith in my life, but the idea of the trinity really becomes a question of my childhood. Then my friend explained the principles of Islam to me, the fact that none of the prophets are children of God, God does not have children, whether it's child male or female, "he said.
For him, it makes more sense. Since then, he began to explore each of the literature about Islam. "I do most of the day surfing the internet to find out the tenets of Islam concerning this or that. I became almost obsessed with it," he said.
Until finally, the desire for embracing Islam. However, he was always in doubt. "What my family says later? What comments friends? Am I ready to not drink alcohol and consistently perform prayers five times a day? But above all, the family of the most dominant factor," he added.
Matthew major in a warm family. Both his parents were devout Catholics. "I do not want to hurt them with religious conversion," he said.
But one day he woke up and realized not want to delude themselves. "I know what's in my heart, do it. So I went to my Muslim friends and said," How can you really become a Muslim and what do I say? "He also bersyahadat guided his friends.
He remembers, syadat was made before Christmas 2006. "It's not the right moment to inform me about Islamic family to me," he said.
He began with a mother and her sisters, as claimed on his father, he has not dared. "Even then, I only show about Islamic books to them and say 'I'm reading this book' and they were shocked," he said.
The mother quietly helped to read the book. So, when he was about to tell has become converts, the mother had guessed. He was thrilled when the mother says: "Whatever you want to do in life I'll support you. If you're happy, I'm happy. But he asked the mother to keep it secret from his father.
Finding a mooring liver
Become Muslims, he claimed his life more organized. He does not drink liquor, but he did not lose his friends. see promiscuity in London, he thought to get married, so do not commit adultery.
His commitment to a time, she must be a Muslim. That's why he signed up for Muslim matchmaking site. On the site that he met with Sumia, a girl of Indian descent who ternayat lecture on the same campus. Sumia is taking a master's degree for the field of nursing.
When they feel fit, pernikahanpun designed. "We introduce Sumia, I confessed to my father that I had become a Muslim," he said. His father was furious, but finally accepted. "He was even very fond of Sumia."
For Matthew, Sumia is a "gift" from God after he became a Muslim. And, there is a "bonus" others: pilgrimage.
Yes, both are considered by the site that set her up as "the greatest couple" who met through the site and inspire many people. So last October, both perform the pilgrimage. "It was an unexpected blessing, Subhanallah," said candidate for this doctor.

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