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Testimony of James Yee "I'm American soldier

Testimony of James Yee "I'm American soldier

Posted by infokito ™ on March 2, 2008
"I'm American soldier, a citizen, and a patriot. But the gaze of suspicion, I was misguided minority who do not have an inclusive relationship with the American national government. I'm just a Muslim. "Similarly, Yee wrote at the end of his testimony on the brutality of American soldiers on him and other Muslim prisoners.
James Yee is a Muslim convert the West Point graduate, the most prestigious military academy in the U.S.. At first, he is a Lutheran Christian. He chose to embrace Islam when to Syria.After graduating from West Point he met a woman named Huda who later became his wife.
James Yee graduated from West Point in 1990, served in the U.S. Army for fourteen years, including assignments in Saudi Arabia after the Gulf War I. After embracing Islam in 1991, he studied Islam and Arabic in Damascus-Syria for four years. He has twice perform the pilgrimage to Mecca.
In early 2001, he returned to military service amid strong U.S. sentiment against Islam after the WTC tragedy. In Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo), he was assigned as a chaplain (chaplain), which serves all the prisoners who are all Muslim. Gitmo prison in Cuba is a place meringkuknya prisoners accused of conspiring with Osama bin Laden and former Taliban forces.
When he arrived at Guantanamo, Yee found a lot of brutality committed against Muslims who became prisoners there.However, because initially he thought this brutality is based on ignorance, Yee actually looked at this situation as a challenge for him. Yee did not just want to provide spiritual services to the detainees, but he also wanted to educate the U.S. military personnel about Islam.
Unfortunately, this is what dragged him into the puddle problem.Due to treat the detainees with respect and dignity, speak good things about Islam, and leading religious activities, Yee instead be viewed as terrorists, seen as the enemy.
Because James Yee a Muslim, he was suspected and treated arbitrarily if the other soldiers. The soldiers ignored his orders as a U.S. Army captain. This is an act of indiscipline, but no follow-up. This proves that a Muslim can not become a real soldier in the U.S., let alone become an officer.
Most of the brutality committed against James Yee and other detainees at Guantanamo is the responsibility of General Geoffrey Miller, the person in charge at Guantanamo. General Miller seems to have a personal grudge and hatred against Yee and the Muslims. I wonder what his motive.
Miller's own belief that radical Christianity is believed took part in all its practices at Guantanamo. However, unfortunately, James Yee was the one who faces criminal charges, go to Miller. Yee was the one who was forced to resign, instead of Miller. Though Miller was-along with a number of other senior officers, who should be fired with no respect from military service.
The violence and inhuman behavior which repeatedly resulted in some prisoners had to pass out and attempted suicide. Abuses against Muslims exhibited by the guards. Koran thrown, kicked, trampled and torn. Stone throwing was also conducted on prisoners who were praying in congregation.
In Camp X-ray and Delta detainees were forced to kneel for hours under the grill sun, while the feet and hands cuffed. If wailed asked for a drink, then the guards gave him a kick. Not only that, prisoners were also told to shower urine and feces.
Americans seem reluctant to apply the Geneva Conventions to Muslim prisoners at Guantanamo Bay military camp.Maltreatment and sexual abuse of Muslim prisoners at Guantanamo Prison is not a figment. Hundreds of people are imprisoned in the United States military camp were treated very inhumane.
James Yee expose the cruelty of American soldiers in Prison Guantanam based on his testimony while on duty there.Experienced harassment and character assassination. Just because Yee is Muslim and trying to do more civilized. Also because he is a Muslim imam-dai (preacher) - in U.S. military circles that seeks to rectify a mistake understanding of Islam to his fellow soldiers.
Tragic story of Yee, a Chinese American army rank of captain, began his official term at Guantanamo.
Within 10 months of duty at Camp Delta-term for eight blocks of the prison-he was witness to the atrocities experienced by the detainees. "Even they do not get the protection as stated in the Geneva Conventions," said Yee testified.
The administration of President George W. Bush and the military are reluctant to apply the convention to the Muslim prisoners it called a terrorist. The "warriors" Muslims, the enemies of the United States from various countries, did not obtain their rights as prisoners of war.
Can be ascertained, maltreatment of detainees and abuse the holy book the Qur'an often occurs when prisoners undergoing examination. The military police at the prison often use the Koran to clean the floor slabs.
I often found torn pieces of the Koran on the floor. Almost every day hard conflicts between guards and prisoners that led to torture. Sometimes American soldiers who are not Muslim prisoners deliberately making noise while worshipers. Not infrequently prisoners were forced to leave the prayer for tests.
"Gradually I realized that my efforts to provide instruction on tolerance make them deeper and deeper suspicion," Yee wrote.And anyone who served in the camp must keep confidentiality about whatever is seen and experienced.
Secretly, the movements of soldiers on duty were always supervised by a government secret agent, both the FBI and military intelligence agencies. Yee converted to Islam adding that since Joseph in his name, did not escape the surveillance. Until finally, Yee was arrested on September 10, 2003 at Jacksonville Airport, Florida.
For 10 days he was locked up in cells and treated like prisoners.Checked with the naked, not fed, cuffed his hands and feet, blurring the five senses, as well as other treatments without considering that he was an army officer.
"They do not care about rank captain, a graduate of West Point, the most prestigious military academy in the United States. They do not care about my religion prohibits naked in front of people.They do not care there has been no formal charges against me.They do not care about his wife and kids do not know my whereabouts.
They obviously do not care if I was a loyal American citizen and, above all, innocent. "
Since then, various accusations leveled to trick them. Treason, conspiracy with the terrorists, until the issue of infidelity spread.A number of American newspaper itself was stuck on misinformation disseminated intelligence.
They called Joseph Yee as a minion of the Taliban. The issue of infidelity are intentionally stocked into the newspaper almost destroyed the household. Terror and slander also waged for his wife also hated.
His wife was holding a pistol in one hand and two bullets in the other. "Teach me how to use it," she whispered over the phone from their apartment in Olympia, Washington. Of all the things that had passed James Yee-detention, allegations of espionage, 76 days in confinement in isolation cells-this is the worst.
Storm fear in his chest while talking on the phone with his wife.As a chaplain, Yee was trained to detect and prevent suicides.Huda Yee know that the condition had been critical.
His wife had found his Smith & Wesson revolver that is stored in a hidden place in the closet. Huda had planned this. Yee felt helpless ... Even more astonishing, no underage children are thrown into jail on charges as a member of the terrorist network. One of them is Omar Khadir, a Canadian Muslim boy who was only 15 years.
Testimony of James Yee is increasingly explain what actually happens in American jails special.
Yee said the war against terrorism launched by President Bush gave birth to the madness in the U.S. military. Yee became victims of madness.
Experience the dark for more than a year in military custody gave him valuable lessons. American military conditions far from ideal Yee. Distinction and honor and freedom to practice the religion is not guaranteed.
Religion and beliefs were still a major problem in the military who claimed democratic country. "They do not consider that I was a loyal soldier," wrote James Yee.
Yee's testimony was like a Hollywood drama production. A U.S. military officer imprisoned under suspicion of espionage, rebellion, inciting, assisting the enemy, and become a traitor to the military and the state.
But everything is not proven and finally the officer was acquitted of all charges. Captain James Yee, the officer, get no civilized treatment from the U.S. military because he is Muslim and paranoid reaction to the U.S. against Islam totally unfounded.
But the U.S. public knew that it was a lie. While the U.S. military's credibility collapsed due to carelessness in this case. Even the New York Times of March 24, 2006 lowering the editorial titled "Military Injustice."
Although completely cleared of the charges, but his desire to remain devoted to God and country vanished. Yee "forced to" resign from the army on January 7, 2005. Unfortunately, military career and his reputation had already destroyed. Even now his status is still 'in control'.
U.S. really paranoid. Anyone who is considered the enemy, anything done. No matter it is contrary to human rights, justice, international conventions, or other things that always digemborkannya own.
Guantanamo Prison Case of Yee and increasingly eroding the U.S. image in the eyes of world public. Now close Gitmo prison is being considered because of international pressure through the UN, including close allies, Britain and Italy. About 500 detainees from 35 countries are still curled up in jail.
One of the lessons to be learned from the case of Yee is the role of mass media. When the detention process, full of suffering Yee. Not only was jailed without evidence, but he also has been judged by the mass media (trial by the press) before the trial was held. Press the U.S. as the Washington Post, the New York Times, Guardian, Etc.. which mendengungkan rights, it is tendentious and do not cover both sie. The information presented is a version of the U.S. military.
But the carelessness of the press is redeemed with scathing criticism against the government after charges against Yee has not been proven. Articles, editorial, and news that are served all of the defense, even in part the mass media to apologize to Yee.
Yee patriotism destroyed in the eyes of the U.S. government just because he's as devout Muslims perform their duties according to religious teachings and commands the state. But the world knows that he is a true patriot who devoted his life to God and country.
This is the story that reveals the dark side of the war against terrorism is excessive and without rules, a hazard to spread everywhere and lead to a true American patriot would be treated like the enemy. Not that received an award for his services, Yee instead punished. America's reputation as a fair rule of law come smudged with him.
We seemed fed up with U.S. policies under Bush with all the gestures that ruffled primitive civilization and human values.
Is the 'war against terrorism' was initiated by the United States (U.S.) is really a war aimed at fighting extremism for the sake of democracy? Or is it just wrap the label for a war against Islam?U.S. officials in Bush's circle insist that their agenda is political, not religious.
But in fact, the rhetoric and behavior of the U.S. in the field to change the war against terrorism into a war against Islam.(Dakwatuna)




James Yee – Aku Prajurit Amerika

Posted by infokito™ pada 2 Maret 2008
Kesaksian James Yee – Aku Prajurit Amerika
“Aku prajurit Amerika, seorang warga negara, dan seorang patriot. Tapi dalam tatapan kecurigaan, aku minoritas sesat yang tidak memiliki hubungan inklusif dengan pemerintahan nasional Amerika. Aku hanya seorang muslim.” Demikian Yee menulis di bagian akhir kesaksiannya atas kebrutalan tentara Amerika atas dirinya dan tawanan muslim yang lain.
James Yee adalah seorang mualaf lulusan West Point, akademi militer paling bergengsi di AS. Mulanya, ia adalah pemeluk Kristen Lutheran. Ia memilih untuk memeluk Islam ketika ke Suriah. Setelah lulus dari West Point ia bertemu dengan seorang wanita bernama Huda yang kemudian menjadi istrinya.
James Yee lulus dari West Point pada tahun 1990, mengabdi di Angkatan Darat AS selama empat belas tahun, termasuk tugas di Arab Saudi pasca-Perang Teluk I. Setelah memeluk Islam pada tahun 1991, ia belajar Islam dan bahasa Arab di Damaskus- Suriah selama empat tahun. Ia telah dua kali menunaikan ibadah haji ke Makkah.
Pada awal 2001, dia kembali ke dinas militer di tengah sentimen AS yang kuat terhadap Islam pasca tragedi WTC. Di penjara Guantanamo (Gitmo) dia ditugaskan sebagai ulama militer (chaplain) yang melayani seluruh tahanan yang semuanya muslim. Penjara Gitmo yang berada di Kuba adalah tempat meringkuknya tawanan yang dituduh berkomplot dengan Osama bin Laden dan mantan Pasukan Taliban.
Ketika tiba di Guantanamo, Yee menemukan banyak sekali kebrutalan yang dilakukan terhadap orang-orang Muslim yang menjadi tahanan di sana. Namun karena awalnya ia menganggap kebrutalan ini dilandasi oleh ketidaktahuan, Yee justru memandang kondisi ini sebagai tantangan baginya. Yee tidak hanya ingin memberikan pelayanan spiritual kepada para tahanan, namun ia juga ingin mendidik para personel militer AS tentang Islam.
Sayangnya, hal inilah yang menyeretnya ke dalam kubangan masalah. Karena memperlakukan para tahanan dengan hormat dan bermartabat, bicara yang baik-baik tentang Islam, serta memimpin kegiatan-kegiatan keagamaan, Yee malah dipandang sebagai teroris, dipandang sebagai musuh.
Karena James Yee seorang Muslim, ia dicurigai dan diperlakukan semena-mena olah para prajurit lain. Para prajurit itu mengabaikan perintah-perintahnya sebagai Kapten Angkatan Darat AS. Ini merupakan tindakan indisipliner, namun tak ada tindak lanjutnya. Ini membuktikan bahwa seorang Muslim tidak bisa menjadi tentara sungguhan di AS, apalagi menjadi perwira.
Sebagian besar kebrutalan yang dilakukan terhadap James Yee dan para tahanan lain di Guantanamo merupakan tanggung jawab Jenderal Geoffrey Miller, orang yang berkuasa di Guantanamo. Jenderal Miller sepertinya punya dendam dan kebencian pribadi terhadap Yee dan kaum Muslimin. Entah apa motifnya.
Keyakinan Kristen Miller sendiri yang radikal dipercaya ikut andil dalam segala tindak-tanduknya di Guantanamo. Namun, sayangnya, James Yee-lah yang menghadapi dakwaan kriminal, buka Miller. Yee-lah yang terpaksa mengundurkan diri, bukannya Miller. Padahal Miller-lah-beserta sejumlah perwira senior lainnya-yang seharusnya dipecat dengan tidak hormat dari dinas militer.
Kekerasan dan perilaku tidak manusiawi yang bertubi-tubi mengakibatkan beberapa tahanan harus pingsan dan mencoba bunuh diri. Pelecehan terhadap Islam dipertontonkan oleh para penjaga. Alquran dilempar, ditendang, diinjak dan dirobek. Lemparan batu juga dilakukan pada tahanan yang sedang shalat berjamaah.
Di Kamp X-ray dan Delta tahanan dipaksa berlutut berjam-jam di bawah panggangan matahari, sementara kaki dan tangan diborgol. Jika meratap minta minum, maka para penjaga memberinya tendangan. Tidak hanya itu, tahanan juga disuruh mandi air kencing dan kotorannya.
Amerika rupanya enggan menerapkan Konvensi Jenewa kepada tahanan muslim di kamp militer Guantanamo. Penganiayaan dan pelecehan seksual terhadap tahanan muslim di Penjara Guantanamo bukanlah isapan jempol. Ratusan orang yang terkurung di kamp militer Amerika Serikat itu mendapat perlakuan sangat tidak manusiawi.
James Yee membeberkan kekejaman tentara Amerika di Penjara Guantanam berdasarkan kesaksiannya saat bertugas di sana. Pelecehan dan pembunuhan karakter dialaminya. Hanya karena Yee beragama Islam dan berusaha berbuat lebih beradab. Juga karena ia seorang imam muslim-dai (pendakwah)- di lingkungan militer Amerika yang berupaya meluruskan kekeliruan pemahaman tentang Islam kepada temannya sesama prajurit.
Kisah tragis yang dialami Yee, tentara Amerika keturunan Cina berpangkat kapten ini, berawal dari masa dinasnya di Guantanamo.
Dalam kurun 10 bulan bertugas di Kamp Delta-sebutan untuk delapan blok penjara itu-ia menjadi saksi kekejaman yang dialami para tahanan. “Bahkan mereka tidak mendapatkan perlindungan seperti yang tercantum dalam Konvensi Jenewa,” papar Yee memberi kesaksian.
Pemerintahan Presiden George W. Bush dan kalangan militer enggan menerapkan konvensi itu kepada tahanan muslim yang disebutnya sebagai teroris. Para “pejuang” muslim, musuh Amerika dari berbagai negara, tidak memperoleh haknya sebagai tahanan perang.
Dapat dipastikan, penganiayaan terhadap tahanan dan pelecehan kitab suci Al-Qur’an kerap terjadi saat tahanan menjalani pemeriksaan. Polisi militer di penjara sering menggunakan lembaran Alquran untuk membersihkan lantai.
Aku sering menemukan sobekan lembar Alquran di lantai. Hampir setiap hari terjadi pertikaian keras antara penjaga dan tahanan yang berujung penyiksaan. Terkadang prajurit Amerika yang bukan muslim sengaja membuat keributan selagi tahanan tengah beribadah. Tak jarang pula tahanan dipaksa meninggalkan shalat untuk menjalani pemeriksaan.
“Lambat laun aku sadar bahwa usahaku untuk memberikan pengajaran tentang toleransi membuat kecurigaan mereka semakin dalam,” tulis Yee. Dan siapa pun yang bertugas di kamp itu harus tetap menjaga kerahasiaan tentang apa pun yang dilihat dan dialami.
Diam-diam, gerak-gerik prajurit yang bertugas pun selalu diawasi oleh agen rahasia pemerintah, baik dari FBI maupun badan intelijen militer. Yee yang sejak masuk Islam menambahkan Yusuf dalam namanya, tak luput dari pengawasan. Hingga akhirnya, Yee diciduk pada 10 September 2003 di Bandara Jacksonville, Florida.
Selama 10 hari dia dikurung di sel dan diperlakukan seperti tahanan. Diperiksa dengan telanjang, tidak diberi makan, diborgol tangan dan kaki, pengaburan panca indera, serta perlakuan lainnya tanpa mempertimbangkan bahwa dia adalah seorang perwira angkatan darat.
“Mereka tidak peduli pangkatku kapten, lulusan West Point, akademi militer paling bergengsi di Amerika Serikat. Mereka tidak peduli agamaku melarang telanjang di hadapan orang. Mereka tidak peduli belum ada dakwaan resmi terhadapku. Mereka tidak peduli istri dan anak-anakku tidak mengetahui keberadaanku.
Mereka pun jelas tidak peduli kalau aku adalah warga Amerika yang setia dan, di atas segalanya, tidak bersalah”.
Sejak saat itu, beragam tuduhan dilontarkan untuk menjeratnya. Pengkhianatan, persekongkolan dengan teroris, hingga isu perselingkuhan ditebar. Sejumlah koran Amerika sendiri sempat terjebak pada kekeliruan informasi yang disebar intel.
Mereka menyebut Yusuf Yee sebagai antek Taliban. Isu perselingkuhan yang sengaja ditebar ke koran nyaris menghancurkan rumah tangganya. Teror dan fitnah juga dilancarkan agar istrinya juga turut membencinya.
Istrinya menggenggam pistol di tangan yang satu dan dua butir peluru di tangan lainnya. “Ajari aku cara menggunakannya,” bisik wanita itu melalui telepon dari apartemen mereka di Olympia, Washington. Dari semua hal yang pernah dilalui James Yee-penahanan, tuduhan spionase, 76 hari di dikurung di sel isolasi-ini adalah yang terburuk.
Rasa takut membadai di dadanya saat bicara di telepon dengan istrinya. Sebagai seorang ulama militer, Yee telah dilatih untuk mendeteksi dan mencegah tindakan bunuh diri. Yee tahu bahwa kondisi Huda telah kritis.
Istrinya itu telah menemukan pistol Smith & Wesson miliknya yang disimpan di tempat tersembunyi di dalam lemari. Huda sudah merencanakan ini. Yee merasa tak berdaya …
Yang lebih mencengangkan, ada anak di bawah umur dijebloskan ke penjara ini dengan tuduhan sebagai anggota jaringan teroris. Seorang di antaranya adalah Omar Khadir, bocah muslim asal Kanada yang baru berusia 15 tahun.
Kesaksian James Yee ini kian menjelaskan apa yang sesungguhnya terjadi di penjara-penjara khusus Amerika.
Yee menyebutkan, perang melawan terorisme yang dicanangkan Presiden Bush melahirkan kegilaan di kalangan militer Amerika. Yee menjadi korban kegilaan itu.
Pengalaman kelam selama lebih dari satu tahun dalam tahanan militer memberinya pelajaran berharga. Kondisi militer Amerika jauh dari gambaran ideal Yee. Perbedaan dan kehormatan serta kemerdekaan menjalankan agama tidak dijamin.
Agama dan keyakinan ternyata masih menjadi masalah utama di dunia militer negeri yang mengaku demokratis itu. “Mereka tidak mempertimbangkan bahwa aku adalah seorang prajurit yang setia,” tulis James Yee.
Kesaksian Yee ini layaknya film drama produksi Hollywood. Seorang perwira militer Amerika Serikat dijebloskan ke penjara berdasarkan sangkaan spionase, melakukan pemberontakan, menghasut, membantu musuh, dan menjadi pengkhianat militer dan negara.
Tapi semuanya tidak terbukti dan akhirnya perwira itu dibebaskan dari semua dakwaan. Kapten James Yee, perwira itu, mendapatkan perlakuan tak beradab dari militer AS karena dia beragama Islam dan reaksi paranoid AS terhadap Islam yang sama sekali tak beralasan.
Tapi publik AS tahu bahwa itu bohong. Sementara kredibilitas militer AS runtuh akibat kecerobohannya dalam kasus ini. Bahkan New York Times edisi 24 Maret 2006 menurunkan tajuk rencana berjudul “Ketidakadilan Militer”.
Meskipun sama sekali bersih dari tuntutan, namun keinginannya untuk tetap mengabdi pada Tuhan dan negara pupus. Yee “terpaksa” mundur dari militer pada 7 Januari 2005. Sayangnya, karier militer dan reputasinya telah lebih dulu hancur. Bahkan hingga kini statusnya masih ‘dalam pengawasan’.
AS benar-benar paranoid. Siapa pun yang dianggap musuh, apa pun dilakukan. Tidak peduli itu bertentangan dengan hak asasi manusia, keadilan konvensi internasional, atau hal lainnya yang selalu digemborkannya sendiri.
Kasus Yee dan Penjara Guantanamo makin merontokkan citra AS di mata publik dunia. Kini penutupan penjara Gitmo sedang dipertimbangkan karena tekanan dunia internasional melalui PBB, termasuk sekutu dekatnya, Inggris dan Italia. Sekitar 500 tahanan dari 35 negara kini masih meringkuk dalam penjara itu.
Salah satu pelajaran yang bisa dipetik dari kasus Yee adalah peran media massa. Saat proses penahanan, lengkap sudah penderitaan Yee. Bukan saja dipenjarakan tanpa bukti, namun dia juga telah dihakimi oleh media massa (trial by the press) sebelum pengadilan digelar. Pers AS seperti Washington Post, New York Times, Guardian, Dll. yang mendengungkan hak asasi, justru bersifat tendensius dan tidak cover both sie. Informasi yang disajikan adalah versi militer AS.
Namun keteledoran pers tersebut ditebus dengan kritik pedas terhadap pemerintah setelah tuduhan terhadap Yee tidak terbukti. Artikel, tajuk rencana, dan berita-berita yang disuguhkan semuanya berupa pembelaan, bahkan sebagian media massa minta maaf pada Yee.
Patriotisme Yee musnah di mata pemerintah AS hanya karena dia sebagai Muslim taat menjalankan tugasnya sesuai ajaran agama dan perintah negara. Tapi dunia tahu bahwa dia adalah seorang patriot sejati yang hidupnya diabdikan kepada Tuhan dan negaranya.
Inilah kisah yang mengungkap sisi gelap perang terhadap terorisme yang berlebihan dan tanpa aturan, yang menebar bahaya di mana-mana dan mengakibatkan seorang patriot Amerika sejati diperlakukan layaknya musuh. Bukannya mendapat penghargaan atas jasa-jasanya, Yee malah dihukum. Reputasi Amerika sebagai negara hukum yang adil ikut tercoreng bersamanya.
Kita seakan muak dengan kebijakan-kebijakan AS di bawah Bush dengan segala tindak-tanduk primitifnya yang mengacak-acak peradaban dan nilai-nilai kemanusiaan.
Apakah ‘perang melawan terorisme’ yang digagas Amerika Serikat (AS) benar-benar perang yang ditujukan untuk melawan ekstremisme demi tegaknya demokrasi? Ataukah label itu hanya bungkus bagi perang melawan Islam? Para pejabat AS di lingkaran Bush bersikeras bahwa agenda mereka bersifat politis, bukan religius.
Namun faktanya, retorika dan tindak-tanduk AS di lapangan mengubah perang melawan terorisme menjadi perang melawan Islam. (dakwatuna)
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